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Avid Shorty 6 freins sur jantes Cantilever noir

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Designed for modern Cyclocross conditions and equipment, they are also perfect for Trekking and Touring bicycles. Less noisy than other rim brakes, the center mount pad reduces fork vibration.

Weight 157 grams (per wheel)
Caliper Design Aluminum
Finish Mercury Silver, Rival Black
Pad Standard Road Cartridge Pads
Adjustment Adjustable Pad Height
Special Features Center mount pad for reduced fork vibration, Full Stainless Hardware
Compatibility Road style levers

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Small Details. Big Difference.

The very first product we made—the Microdapter—was simply an adapter that allowed mountain bikers to gain a whole new range of low gears. It was a small detail but made a huge difference.

When we invented Speed Dial® in 1994, nobody else was even thinking about how to give rim brakes better modulation. Our rim brakes got so good that a leading mountain bike magazine (can you use its name?) even commented, “Who needs disc brakes when you have these?”

Of course, that was before we turned the disc brake world on its head by introducing a cable-actuated disc—our Ball Bearing Disc Brake—that outperformed any brake on the market, mechanical or hydraulic. Because brakes are only as good as their installation, we created the easiest setup around—the Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System. With this we made something that always should have been a simple job actually simple. Another small feature, but what a big deal.

It’s like the script to a great movie. You just knew that when Avid got into the hydraulic disc brake game, it was going to get exciting.

And it has.

Thanks to details like Taperbore Technology, Contact Point Adjustment, Power Reserve Geometry and a precise, drip-free bleeding process, Avid is growing faster than ever. All the while leaving great rides in our wake.

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