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AX Lightness AX3000 vélo de course freins set

1.208,07 €
3000 – The light version

Based on our Orion series, the AX3000 is the epitome of all that is technologically possible today! ax-lightness pulled out all the stops to optimize this brake right down the very last fibre.

A top-quality fibre type originating directly from factory motor sport and ax own, specially adapted resin system are pressed together using the highest possible pressure in ax autoclaves to make highly rigid and stiff composite materials.

Stiffening layers made of unidirectional carbon help keep the material's weight in check, stiffen the system precisely where necessary, and also give it its unique appearance. Leaf springs made of CFRP and a rear brake axle made of high-strength aluminium round off the whole package. The AX3000 is truly a worthy representative of the Premium Selection! All of these steps lead to a sensational overall weight of 120 grams – complete and ready to assemble as a brake block set for front and rear, including brake shoes, brake linings and sleeve nuts! The brakes are offered as a complete set. The set includes adjustable brake lining mounts made of aluminium, featuring innovative spherical contact surfaces that prevent the mounting screws from bending. Titanium brake mounting nuts for the front wheel brake and aluminium nuts for the rear wheel brake ensure a secure fit on the frame and fork. The supplied brake linings are specially adapted to provide optimum functionality with carbon rims.


  • Weight (+/- 5%) 125g complete set with pads
  • Body 100 % carbon
  • Leaf springs CFRP prepreg with metal insert to better absorb the occuring clamping force
  • Brake axles front: Titanium Ti6Al4V, rolled thread;
  • Brake axles rear: EN AW-7075 aluminum, black anodized
  • Cable counterholder Titanium Ti6Al4V
  • Brake shoes Full carbon, Shimano-type, fully spherically adjustable
  • Brake nuts front: Titanium Ti6Al4V, 15 mm, 2.2 g;
  • Brake nuts rear: EN AW-7075 aluminum, black anodized, 10mm, 1.1g
  • Brake pads Carbon specific
  • Field of use Road
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ax-lightness – the highest precision in the lightweight composite sector. People who use ax-lightness products feel the passion and experience the fascinating story of success behind the company's name.

Cycling at the Formula 1 level

Whether in motor sport or cycling – carbon is the material of choice wherever every gram counts in delivering optimum performance. We bring the standards that ax-lightness sets as a key supplier in professional motor sport directly to cycling. The result: Development and manufacturing to Formula 1 standards. In other words, a completely new approach in the field of cycling.

Full-range supplier with a proven system

ax-lightness is not only a system supplier, but also a full-range supplier. With us, everything works in harmony because ax-lightness has the highest vertical integration in its field for a complete value chain in Germany.

Innovation made in Germany

Our numerous patented components come from a philosophy that guarantees the highest standards for the manufacture of lightweight components by combining expertise and our own identification with our products.

Hand-crafted high tech

Maximum stability, lowest possible weight – this is the character our components have thanks to the complex manufacturing process used for high-tech bikes to high-quality components for Formula 1.

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