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Campagnolo EPS câble de recharge EPS V2 Power Unit

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Campagnolo EPS câble de recharge EPS V2 Power Unit
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Campagnolo, abbreviated by connoisseurs with Campa, the eternal enemy of Shimano. European Engineering against japanese perfection.

Campagnolo was the one who invented the derailleur. In the middle of the eighties Shimano brought the first SIS indexed shifting system on the market and was very successful. Because of that Campa lost large market shares in the earlie nineties.

Finally, Campa decided to leave the MTB market and to completely focus on racing bikes.

In the racing bike market Campa still has the reputation of producing the most advanced groups. He is also the inventor of the 10-speed system for the rear wheel. Explore Campagnolo at HIBIKE!

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Electronic shifting accessories for Di2 or EPS

Electronic gear shift systems were initially a great innovation on road bikes (since 2009), now they are also available for MTB. They have names like Di2 or EPS, the former from Shimano and the second from Campagnolo. Tthey change gears on the bicycle unbelievably comfortable and do it with a high degree of accuracy. Such drivetrains require matching accessories. These include electric wires, distributors or junction boxes. From the control unit to the interface used for error detection on your PC or changing the buttons' functions, we offer everything you need in terms of accessories or replacement parts for your electronic bike drivetrain system. Competitive prices and bike accessories may be delivered worldwide from our shop.

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