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Cat Eye boutique des marques

À propos de la marque Cat Eye

Cat Eye

Home in the japanese Osaka CATEYE has long made itself an excellent name all around the world. The name CATEYE stands for the highest quality, for innovation and technology, for user-oriented solutions but also for health, safety and environmental awareness - in the far east as well as in Europe and America.

Founded in 1946, CATEYE established itself over the past 64 years not only as one of the most prestigious brands in the bicycle accessories sector, but certainly affected the development especially in the field of electronic components significantly. The first reflector CATEYE brought to the market in 1957, the first flashing light for bicycles in 1964, the first bike computer in 1981, the first battery light in 1982, the first solar lighting in 1984 or the first LED light for bicycles in 2001 were milestones strongly affecting both the development of the company and the development of the bicycle accessories.

Quality and technology at the highest level play a crucial role in the company CATEYE.

La Cat Eye-boutique des marques

Dans la Cat Eye-boutique des marques tu peux trouver 104 différents produits à prix imbattables et des expéditions dans le monde entier!
  • Accessoires
  • Compteurs /cardiofréquence / pulsomètres
  • Helmlampen
  • Lampe frontale / Lampe de poche / autres
  • Lumière arrière
  • Lumière avant
  • Lumières
  • Moniteurs de fréquence cardiaque
  • Pièces de rechange pour lampes / lumières
  • Pièces de rechange pour moniteurs cardiaques
  • Pièces de rechange pour ordinateurs
  • Porte-bidons/bouteilles
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