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Storck Adrenic Pro VTT cadre taille frosted pepper Mod. 2018

2.299 €

Storck Adrenic Pro 27.5"/29" MTB frame

The ‘virtual four-bar linkage’ made the Organic a legendary bike. The Adrenic is following in its footsteps, which makes its harmonious performance somewhat familiar. The two rockers isolated from the rear triangle ensure precise response and reaction-free suspension characteristics. Adrenic’s looks and handling make this another truly special Storck fully. ‘Sectional Depending Stiffness’ guarantees engineered stiffness of the frame. ‘Optional Direct Mount’ facilitates switching to a single chain ring without the undesirable presence of a front derailleur mount and the through-axles ensure stiffness of the chassis. With 120 mm of suspension travel and 27.5” wheels, the Adrenic becomes a CC bike combining agility with fitness for trails. Adrenic – traditional top technology paired with stunning beauty.


  • Weight: 2000g
  • Frame: Adrenic Pro
  • Material: Carbon CFR / UD
  • Headset: Integriert 1 1/8“ - 1 1/2“
  • Discmount: Postmount
  • Derailleur hanger: Replaceable
  • BB Standard: Pressfit 41 X 92mm
  • Seat clamp: 34.9mm
  • Seat post diameter: 31.6mm
  • Travel rear: 120mm
  • Travel front: 120mm 29“ / 140mm 27,5“
  • (130mm Größe S 27,5“)
  • Thru bolt rear: 142 x 12mm
  • For electronic and mechanical shifting
  • External cable routing breaking /
  • shifting
  • VPP system
  • CFR Bottom bracket shell
  • CFR headset bearing seats


Frame size ST (mm) TT (mm) TT-EFF (mm) HT (mm) CS (mm) Stack (mm) Reach (mm) ST° (degree) HT° (degree) Recommended body height (cm)
S 380 549 565 90 460 564 393 73,00 69,50 150-168
M 400 568 585 95 460 560 405 73,00 70,00 158-175
L 440 584 610 100 460 576 434 73,00 70,00 172-182
XL 480 602 630 105 460 601 446 73,00 70,50 180-195


Bottom brackets
Press-fit™ bottom brackets have a number of advantages. There are no threads that might wear and make disassembly work more difficult. PressFit™ technology uses clearly less material and thus saves weight compared with conventional technologies. The greater bottom bracket widths provide even higher stiffness in this area and, ultimately, allow larger tire clearance. In addition, press-fit bottom brackets can compensate for technique-related manufacturing tolerances incurred with anisotropic materials (CFRP).

Optional direct mount
The selection of shifting variants for off-road assemblies is very large. Opting for a triple, double or single chain ring is a completely individual choice. Those selecting a single chain ring can dismantle the front derailleur mount and give the frame an uncluttered look that is undisturbed by a superfluous assembly platform. The frame can just as quickly be prepared again for a multiple chain ring: a minor detail with a major impact.

On the fly maintenance
Never again without tools out in the middle of nowhere. A tool for (nearly) all bike purposes that doesn’t require a tool bag. The T25 standard torque wrench unobtrusively and securely fits in the through-axle drill hole, for example, always close at hand. As a result, monolink seat posts, stems, through-axles, head set clamps, disc brake mounts, ODM and bottle cages on a Storck can all be installed with the universal wrench.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Storck Adrenic Pro 27.5"/29" MTB frame (see item description for details)
  • 1x Headset

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Storck Adrenic Pro VTT cadre taille S frosted pepper Mod. 2018
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