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Depuis 25 ans
Magasin de 1.000m² à Kronberg (D)
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Straitline boutique des marques

À propos de la marque Straitline


Straitline is based in a secluded, idyllic place on Vancouver Iceland in front of the Canadian West Coast. There are a few restaurants and everything is calm and relaxed. You would expect everything there but not the most modern CNC machines in the entire bicycle industry. Here you work with absolute precision and the reputation of Straightline is known far beyond the mountain bike industry. Even the NASA let Straightline manufacture some components for their spaceshuttles.

La Straitline-boutique des marques

Dans la Straitline-boutique des marques tu peux trouver 2 différents produits à prix imbattables et des expéditions dans le monde entier!
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