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Continental X-King UST pneu pliable 60-559 (26x2.4) noir 3/330tpi

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The all-rounder. The X-King impresses with its versatility. The smoothrunning tyre for mountain bikes adapts to any terrain. It scores with perfect cornering grip and quiet rolling off. To this end, it offers very good grip with low rolling resistance; the special tread promotes self-cleaning. That makes it a first-class competition and all-round tyre.


  • UST

Continental Tubeless Tyres for the Universal System Tubeless. Tubeless Tyres by Continental work with both UST and Rigida/Nagesti rims and wheels. The tyre and rim form an airtight chamber. A tube is not necessary and pinchflats not possible anymore. In comparison to the conventional system, the tyre pressure can be lowered and the comfort of the ride increases. At a lower tyre pressure the tyre deforms more easily and so the contact patch of the tyre increases and the tread adapts to the ground more quickly, improving traction.
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60-559 (26x2.4)
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About 100 years of experience in the development and production of bicylce tires make Continental a unique company in the industry. Continental is also the only German bicycle tire manufacturer with production facilities in Germany!
Continental repeatedly develops new technologys in the Technology and Development Center in Korbach.
In order to offer the best tire for any application, Continental is equally on dialogue with the professionals, amateur athletes and everyday cyclists. This results in not only high-end products for top sports, but also everyday tires.
As a global player, Continental also maintains high-tech production facilities outside of Germany, where with just as much care and dedication Continental tires are produced for you. All Continental bicycle tires have in common that they are developed in the Technology Center Korbach/Germany and that they are tested there under the strictest test criteria.

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The Universal System Tubeless (UST)

HIBIKE would like to explicate the UST system here and would like to give you useful tips for the contact with this technology.

Initially ill-reputed as unreliable, tubeless tire systems become more and more accepted in the bicycle area. Market leader is the universal system Tubeless (UST) from Mavic on which meanwhile many big tire manufacturers hark back. If you pay attention to some basic points you can fully capitalize on the many advantages.

UST tires are coated with butyl on the inside and so they are airtight. UST rims get along without boreholes in the rim well expect of the valve hole and they are airtight as well. Tires and rims together form a dense air chamber so a sleeve is needless. The advantages of such a system are:

  • leightweight
  • Breakdowns so-called snake-bites belong to the past.
  • No sudden air leak at punctures.
  • A rim tape which often provides defects in conventional systems is omitted because the spoke nipples are no longer led through the rim from outside.
  • The air pressure can be selected lower compared to the system with a sleeve. That means more comfort and the tire can deform stronger, the tire footprint increases and the profile better adapts to the underground. Thereby the adhesion or the grip increases. The roll resistance nearly stays the same.

What to do with a flat tire?

In case of a flat tire because of a puncture of the tire in case of need it can be repaired with a conventional repair kit. We recommend to use special UST patches if it is possible. Those who are in a hurry furthermore have an alternative sleeve with them. The looming of a conventional sleeve is problem-free possible. Therefor you only have to screw the valve out of the rim.

Assembly tips

Always accomplish the assembly of Tubeless tires without tool. Tire levers or screwdrivers can damage the sensitive seal and then the tire becomes leaky. DSo that the tire is easy to assembly we advise you to only assemble UST tires with special assembly liquid. At the contact point between tire and rim every little slot gets sealed so that no air can escape. You may know such liquid from the car industry.

  • Rim and tire bead have to be absolutely clean
  • Screw the valve in the rim (here a drop of assembly liquid seals additionally.
  • The assembly liquid is coated on the tire bead with a brush or cloth.
  • Completely insert one tire bead in the middle of the rim
  • Insert the second tire bead in the rim starting opposite to the valve
  • Check if the tire is seated equally and if the valve is between the beads.
  • Pump up the tireu ntil both beadings have are hearable setted in the rim edge.
  • Check if the rim is totally seated in the rim. Therefor the tire walls are mostly accordingly marked. This mark has to overhang equally everywhere. Sometimes the tire pressure has to be increased - pay attention to the maximum allowable pressure!
  • In the end the air pressure is adjusted according to your demands and under supervision of the manufacturer's specifications for tires and rims.

Still unsure?

No problem, just visit our retail store and hire a testbike with UST tires. We would be happy to advise you and answer all of your questions.

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