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Suppléments Nutritionnels / Energisants

Sports food for (bicycle) athletes

Food supplements for athletes are available in abundance, also called "sport nutrition". Whether for the endurance sports, muscle formation, the increase in performance or the regeneration. Do food supplements make sense for sports? Does an MTB athlete already require an energy bar before, during or after the sport? Here, we are faced with ingredients, such as vitamins, creatine, carnitine, protein or caffeine. Who can keep the overview without further ado? We would like to give you a couple tips and some basic knowledge how you can support your body when cycling.

Sufficient energy supply

Energy bars, gels and drinks for cyclists

Without fuel (energy), there is no performance, this principle naturally also applies to athletes (cyclists). The energy input of the cyclist during the active phase should therefore be as high as his consumption during the training. Which means that the input energy must correspond to the energy consumption. At short training phases with an increased muscle work, such as sprint intervals, you should even strive for a slightly positive energy balance, meaning you should input more energy than you consume!
This means that the sports food during the training plays a very important role. For example, at 3 hours basic training in winter, you should observe that you intake sufficient nutrients in fluid form. If we assume an average energy consumption, we are talking about 2,000-2,500 kcal (male athlete). This demand can best be covered with energy drinks, gels and bars, with the required electrolytes. The supply with nutrients after the training is as important as the nutrition during the training. Here, the socalled recovery drinks offer the solution (for regeneration) since they have exactly the correct composition of proteins and carbonhydrate. This way your body is provided with the important nutrients and supported in a faster and better regeneration. That is how you create the best preconditions for you to be able to fully perform again on the next training day. Discover our large selection of PowerBar, MuleBar, Clif Bar and Xenofit!

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