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Facts about HIBIKE special vouchers

HIBIKE special vouchers go along with certain sales campaigns. If you're lucky, you'll win one.

A HIBIKE voucher may be encashed while ordering goods in our e-shop: The ordering form contains a special field to fill in the voucher's code.

These are the rules concerning HIBIKE special vouchers:

Please mind that the informations below affect special vouchers only. These rules can not be applied for gift vouchers. If you have a HIBIKE gift voucher, please read the regulations given for those.

  • Only one special voucher may be encashed for a certain sales campaign.

  • A special voucher may be encashed only once - afterwards, the voucher's code will not be valid anymore.

  • You may give your voucher to a friend - they are not personalized.

  • Multiple special vouchers from one or several campaigns can not be combined. Some vouchers are valid only for a certain product category; in these cases, it is not possible to encash such a voucher for shipping costs.

  • There is no way to encash a voucher belatedly, after posting an order (even if your goods have not been shipped yet): A voucher has to be encashed directly while ordering.

  • Please mind the expiry date of your voucher! HIBIKE special vouchers are valid only for a certain period within which they must be encashed.
    There will be no extra time extension to a voucher's validity period.
    Of course, a voucher will remain valid until your goods have been shipped and reached their destination, even if you might receive your package after the voucher's expiry date. Only the ordering date will be relevant.

  • Shipping costs depend solely on your order's value. Special vouchers do not reduce this value and therefor will not reduce shipping costs.

encashing special vouchers

  • Special vouchers can be encashed only once on our websites http://www.hibike.de/ or http://www.hibike.com/.

  • For each order, you may encash only a single voucher. For each person, only one voucher can be encashed for the respective campaign. There is no way to combine vouchers from different campaigns.

  • Vouchers can not be traded in for cash! It is prohibited to sell a voucher and impossible to encash a voucher belatedly (after ordering).

  • Consequently: When returning ordered goods and giving them back to HIBIKE, we can not pay you for encashed vouchers - only the effective amount you paid apart from the voucher can be returned to you. If you cancel an order completely, an encashed voucher will expire. However, your voucher will remain valid for product replacements and exchanges.

  • If the value of a special voucher does not cover the costs of your order, you can pay the difference through every payment method accepted by HIBIKE. On the other hand, if your voucher exceeds the value of an order, there will be no funds credited to your personal user account: the difference will expire.

  • Due to fixed book prices in Germany, vouchers can not be encashed for books and magazines.

  • We can take no responsibility for typing errors during the encashment of a voucher. Invalid codes will not be accepted by HIBIKES ordering system.

Help! I've got a problem!

  • My voucher's encashment code is not being accepted.
    Most common cause is a typing error when entering the code. Please check again.

  • I lost my voucher.
    Sorry, but special vouchers can not be replaced.
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