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Backpack Care

Auch Rucksäcke bedürfen der Pflege
Stains and dirt are best removed with a damp sponge and a mild soap. For very heavy soiling of the backpack it can also be cleaned in the shower or bath. Don't put your backpack to dry cleaner's or in the washing machine! Hang it to dry in a well ventilated place.

Sluggish zippers:
Sluggish zippers are best treated with a silicone spray. Just spray it on the zippers and they can be opend and closed easily again.

Holes are usually on the ground of the backpack. The simplest solution is a repair tape with which little holes can be pasted up from inside. But above a certain size the holes must be sewn.

Damaged buckles:
Some defective buckles can be replaced easily. Therefor you have to unthread the damaged buckle and thread the new one.

"Longer durability because of right care"

Can I wash my backpack in the washing machine?
„No, because abrasion pressures affect the material (PU covering) and a permanently damage is caused. Often also remain detergent residues. If you have a sensitive skin this can lead toskin irritations. Furthermore a chemical reaction of sweat, detergent residues and UV radiation stimulates the faster decomposition of the materials. You do it right when you wash your backpack depending on the size in a large bowl or in a bathtub with pH-neutral soap or shower gel.. Dirt on the bag can easily be removed with a brush. Salt stains on the carrying system can be flush out by repeatedly squeezing it with your hand with soap and plenty of water. Keeping your backpack dry is a necessity!”

Schnallen können häufig einfach getauscht werden
1. Completely empty your bagpack after each tour. Stains can be cleaned by hand with simple soap and brush.
2. Don't put your backpack in the washing machine or the dryer because this leads to the damage of the PU-covering.
3. Backpacks generally can't be ironed.
4. Keep the zippers absolutely free of dirt.
5. For storage close the straps and keep the backpack in a dry, well ventilated place.

Do I have to impregnate the material of my backpack?
„The first years the backpack material maintains sufficiently tight. But during prolonged rain water penetrates through the zippers and seams. In the alpine tour area, climbing and on ski tours waterproof dry bags are inserted in the backpacks in order to protect the content from wetness. The advantage: all fixing loops for material for example the ice pick, the skis, poles or snowshoes remain ready to use. For hiking and trekking rucksacks you use a rain cover. In older models an impregnation only helps for a short period. Impregnations can be distributed in the substrates and this can lead to skin irritation."
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