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Maxxis Minion DH Front pneu UST 55-559 (26x2.50) SuperTacky (42a) TPI 27CP

45,28 €
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Maxxis Minion DH Front UST-Reifen

Der wohl meistgefahrene und in den letzten Jahren erfolgreichste Downhillreifen der Welt. Beim Minion DHF wurden bewährte Elemente wie angeschrägte Stollen für niedrigen Rollwiderstand und große Laufruhe mit längsgeschlitzten Stollen für mehr griffige Kanten kombiniert. Dadurch hat er ausgezeichnete Richtungsstabilität und präzises Kurvenverhalten. Er ist die Referenz für schnelle Strecken, vom leichten Freeride bis zum harten Downhill. Viele Fahrer sind vom Minion Front so überzeugt, dass sie ihn auf Vorder- und Hinterrad montieren, andere kombinieren den Minion Front vorne mit dem Minion Rear(DHR oder DHR2) hinten.


  • Einsatzzweck: MTB, bevorzugt Downhill und Freeride
  • Ausführung: UST
  • Gummimischung: 60a MaxxPro - härtere Mischung
  • Gummimischung: 42a SuperTacky - weichere Mischung
  • Karkasse: UST 27CP

Tabelle der technischen Spezifikation

26x2.50 42a SuperTacky 1220g
26x2.50 60a MaxxPro 1220g


SuperTacky (42a): Die SuperTacky Lauffläche ist die Referenz für Grip und Performance bei Freeride- und Downhillreifen, kurz gesagt die Basis der erfolgreichsten DH-Reifen der Welt. Sie besteht aus einem BasisCompound und der unter allen Bodenbedingungen extrem griffigen SuperTacky Mischung.

MaxxPro: Der MaxxPro Compound ist die erste Reifenmischung für Fahrradreifen, bei der die Komponenten extrem fein vermahlen wurden. Diese Mischung ist optimal von Allmountain bis Downhill: Mehr Grip, gute Dämpfungseigenschaften, lange Lebensdauer, niedriger Rollwiderstand. Und keine Stollenabrisse – ein Erfolg der exklusiven MAXXIS MaxxPro Technologie.

UST: ist durch Weglassen des Schlauchs weniger pannenanfällig, der Rollwiderstand nimmt durch die verbesserten Walkeigenschaften ab. Durch verminderten Luftdruck bietet der Reifen mehr Traktion und mehr Komfort.


  • 1x Maxxis Minion DH Front UST-Reifen
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SuperTacky (42a)
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En ce moment nous ne pouvons vous proposer qu`un texte en Anglais:

The total customer satisfaction is the maxim for the development and manufacture of tires from the brand MAXXIS. With this requirement MAXXIS since 1967 has developed to a big international manufacturer of tires who produces high-performance tires for cars, trucks, motorcycle, karts, trailers, tractors and many other applications. MAXXIS employs more than 15.000 employees worldwide and provides in 130 countries.

The production started with bicycle tires. MAXXIS has consistently followed the technological development and fabrication of them next to all the other product areas. With a production of around 45 million bicycle tires per year MAXXIS now technologically is the biggest and leading manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world.

From trekking and tour over racing bike to downhill, cross country, freeride oder BMX - MAXXIS customers request for sophisticated products which are proper for the several requirements as exactly as possible. To his day the greatest incentive of the company is to cope with the wishes of the customers at any time and to secure a technical advance.

In the MAXXIS headquarter in Suwanee near Atlanta and the development center in Norcross both in Georgia, USA and in the tire factory in Taiwan highly qualified engineers and a creative team of employees continuously work for the improvement and the further development of the tire range. Maxxis sets the standard in new developments: prototypes of new tires are manufactured after computer-controlled simulation tests and then they are tested by professional racing drivers under extreme conditions. Only tires that convince both the computer and the racing drivers go into series. At MAXXIS all tires are manufactured in their own ultra-modern factories. In the production only high quality materials are used which are assimilated with the latest production technique. The extremely high reliability and quality of MAXXIS products is safed through the permanent quality controls of the mass production in the labors of MAXXIS and in independent institutions.

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The Universal System Tubeless (UST)

HIBIKE would like to explicate the UST system here and would like to give you useful tips for the contact with this technology.

Initially ill-reputed as unreliable, tubeless tire systems become more and more accepted in the bicycle area. Market leader is the universal system Tubeless (UST) from Mavic on which meanwhile many big tire manufacturers hark back. If you pay attention to some basic points you can fully capitalize on the many advantages.

UST tires are coated with butyl on the inside and so they are airtight. UST rims get along without boreholes in the rim well expect of the valve hole and they are airtight as well. Tires and rims together form a dense air chamber so a sleeve is needless. The advantages of such a system are:

  • leightweight
  • Breakdowns so-called snake-bites belong to the past.
  • No sudden air leak at punctures.
  • A rim tape which often provides defects in conventional systems is omitted because the spoke nipples are no longer led through the rim from outside.
  • The air pressure can be selected lower compared to the system with a sleeve. That means more comfort and the tire can deform stronger, the tire footprint increases and the profile better adapts to the underground. Thereby the adhesion or the grip increases. The roll resistance nearly stays the same.

What to do with a flat tire?

In case of a flat tire because of a puncture of the tire in case of need it can be repaired with a conventional repair kit. We recommend to use special UST patches if it is possible. Those who are in a hurry furthermore have an alternative sleeve with them. The looming of a conventional sleeve is problem-free possible. Therefor you only have to screw the valve out of the rim.

Assembly tips

Always accomplish the assembly of Tubeless tires without tool. Tire levers or screwdrivers can damage the sensitive seal and then the tire becomes leaky. DSo that the tire is easy to assembly we advise you to only assemble UST tires with special assembly liquid. At the contact point between tire and rim every little slot gets sealed so that no air can escape. You may know such liquid from the car industry.

  • Rim and tire bead have to be absolutely clean
  • Screw the valve in the rim (here a drop of assembly liquid seals additionally.
  • The assembly liquid is coated on the tire bead with a brush or cloth.
  • Completely insert one tire bead in the middle of the rim
  • Insert the second tire bead in the rim starting opposite to the valve
  • Check if the tire is seated equally and if the valve is between the beads.
  • Pump up the tireu ntil both beadings have are hearable setted in the rim edge.
  • Check if the rim is totally seated in the rim. Therefor the tire walls are mostly accordingly marked. This mark has to overhang equally everywhere. Sometimes the tire pressure has to be increased - pay attention to the maximum allowable pressure!
  • In the end the air pressure is adjusted according to your demands and under supervision of the manufacturer's specifications for tires and rims.

Still unsure?

No problem, just visit our retail store and hire a testbike with UST tires. We would be happy to advise you and answer all of your questions.

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