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Shimano disque plaquette de frein D02Si métal pour Saint, Zee

13,01 €

  • Hochfestes Belagsmaterial
  • Lange Lebensdauer
  • Hohe Bremskraft unter Extrembedingungen
  • Gleich bleibend gute Funkion bei Nässe wie Trockenheit
  • Spezielles Design für Sand und Schlamm
  • Bremskraftniveau: 5 von 5 (hoch)


  • Modell: BR-M820, BR-M810, BR-M640

  • Gruppe: Saint, Zee

Technische Eigenschaften:

  • Modulation: ★★★★☆
  • Haltbarkeit: ★★★★★
  • Anti-Fading: ★★★★★
  • Leise: ★★★☆☆
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Shimano disque plaquette de frein D02Si métal pour Saint, Zee
Numéro d`article 62800017 || EAN/UPC: 4524667276463  || Numéro d`article du fabricant Y-8FF98010
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Shimano is one of the giants in the bicycle industry and has a long history. The founder Shozaburo Shimano explained the foundation of the company in 1921 like this:

"My target is making Shimano products the best in Kansei (region around Osaka in Japan), after that in Japan and in the end the best in the world."

This idea still permeates all Shimano products. Wheter it's a racing bike or a mountain bike, you will find the components from Japan everywhere on the bikes of the worlds best athletes. One of the most important innovations was the development of the indexed shifting by Shimano. The principle that significantly simplifies and speeds the gear change can be found everywhere today.

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The selection of a disk brake pad mostly has a significant impact on the braking power so it is profitable to select a suitable pad and possibly change it according to your own requirements. Pad material: There is a rough difference between sintered or metal pads and such out of organic material like resin or Kevlar). You can generally say that organic pads wear out faster but they also have a higher braking power and tend less to noise development. Supports: Generally steel is used for the supporting plate. But some pads are armed with a supporting plate out of aluminium for weight reduction and a better heat abstraction. Return spring: Everytime you change the pad you should optionally also change the in the brake obstructed return spring. They are generally enclosed to the brake pads. The springs wear out over the years and partially get grinded when the brake pads are strongly worn out. So old springs often can't cleanly loose the pads from the disk anymore. Braking: So that a disk brake can develop its full ability new pads have to be practised in braking first of all. While this process the pads adapt to the surface of the disk, get compressed and friction carbon is generated. Therefor you have to accelerate your bike (aside the traffic) to about 30km/h and then brake speedy. This process you have to repeat about 30 times. Afterwards it is recommendable to brake the brakes individually until they are hot. Best suited for this process is a manageable descent. HINT: Brakes are a security-relevant element! If you feel unsure about installation, maintenance or repair imperatively adress to us or another professional workshop!

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