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Five Ten Boutique de la marque

À propos de la marque Five Ten

Charles Cole, an excited climber founded the brand Five Ten in 1985 in Redland, California (USA). His aim was to obviously upgrade the quality of the climbers shoe soles with the development of the Stealth rubber compound.

Nowadays Five Ten produces shoes for many outdoor sports on the base of this technology i.a. the MTB area.

The model "Impact" for example took the downhill and freeride scene by storm. From the amateur to the professional more and more riders swear on the excellent grip and the durability of the Five Ten shoes.

À propos de la boutique de la marque Five Ten

Dans la boutique de la marque Five Ten de HIBIKE, tu trouveras un total de 68 produits différents à des prix imbattables avec une expédition mondiale:
  • Blousons
  • Casquettes / loisirs
  • Chaussures VTT
  • Collants 3/4 de cyclisme
  • Collants longs de cyclisme
  • Maillots de cyclisme à manches courtes
  • Maillots de cyclisme à manches longues
  • Shorts / Collants de cyclisme
  • Sweatshirts respirants
  • T-Shirts
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