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Continental Online Shop - tires, bicycle inner tubes and more

Continental tires - Get the grip

À propos de la marque Continental


About 100 years of experience in the development and production of bicylce tires make Continental a unique company in the industry. Continental is also the only German bicycle tire manufacturer with production facilities in Germany!
Continental repeatedly develops new technologys in the Technology and Development Center in Korbach.
In order to offer the best tire for any application, Continental is equally on dialogue with the professionals, amateur athletes and everyday cyclists. This results in not only high-end products for top sports, but also everyday tires.
As a global player, Continental also maintains high-tech production facilities outside of Germany, where with just as much care and dedication Continental tires are produced for you. All Continental bicycle tires have in common that they are developed in the Technology Center Korbach/Germany and that they are tested there under the strictest test criteria.

À propos de la boutique de la marque Continental

Dans la boutique de la marque Continental de HIBIKE, tu trouveras un total de 220 produits différents avec une expédition mondiale: Pneu à tringle VTC Trekking / Ville, Chambres à air VTT, Pneu pliable VTT 27.5/650B, Pneu pliable 29 pouces, Chambres à air / Boyaux vélos route et bien plus encore.
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