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Ortlieb Boutique de la marque

Ortlieb backpacks, pockets & bike packing bags

À propos de la marque Ortlieb


In 1982 todays ORTLIEB sporting goods GmbH was founded by Hartmut ORTLIEB in Nürnberg. Since 1997 the company has its base in Heilsbronn near Nürnberg. The first products were made in pure personal need for waterproof equipment. Because there was no!

The first ORTLIEB products were by hand and on mothers sewing machine sewed big bags and bicycle bags out of trucker canvas. This antetypes were approved and tested on their first own big bike and climbing trips.

What started with the simplest means has developed to a leading high tech company with 100 employees. The product range of ORTLIEB has grown to about 400 single products. Nowadays everything still exists under one umbrella: from the development over the production to the distribution and the transport.

À propos de la boutique de la marque Ortlieb

Dans la boutique de la marque Ortlieb de HIBIKE, tu trouveras un total de 234 produits différents avec une expédition mondiale: Sacs à dos,accessoires,petites pièces,poches à eau, Sacs, Panniers avant et arrière/sacoches, Sacs pour valises et sacs de voyage, Sacoches pour guidon et barre de câdre et bien plus encore.
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