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Bell boutique des marques

À propos de la marque Bell


Bell Helmets: An American Legacy

More world champions have worn Bell Helmets than all other helmet brands combined. From Grand Prix racing through the Indy 500 to Olympic cycling, Bell helmets have played a vital role in protecting sportsmen and women for nearly 50 years.

Bell began as a small auto parts store in a suburb of Los Angeles. Growing under the benevolent leadership of Roy Richter, Bell became a leader in safety equipment for auto racing, motorcycling and then bicycling. His commitment to creating great product through a close connection with the sport, along with his trust of and care for the people who worked for him, turned Bell from a one-man operation into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

His legacy lives on today in Bell's commitment to racing, quality and innovation.

La Bell-boutique des marques

Dans la Bell-boutique des marques tu peux trouver 146 différents produits à prix imbattables et des expéditions dans le monde entier!
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