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MuleBar boutique des marques

La MuleBar-boutique des marques

Dans la MuleBar-boutique des marques tu peux trouver 3 différents produits à prix imbattables et des expéditions dans le monde entier!
  • Nutrition barre/gauffres/bonbons moelleux

À propos de la marque MuleBar


The history of MuleBar starts in 2002 as we were on our way in the hights of the Andes on the Mount Aconcagua. Mountain guides provided us with a variety of bars that literally turned us the stomach around. At that moment we ralized that we could make much better bars at home.

Back in England, first in our own kitchens, we created our bars and let some athletes at races test them. We took part at the Trans Scotland, the Cape Epic and kept on testing.

Today it seems like an eternity but we are glad that we took the ecological way and we are proud to respect the environment with our company.

We hope that you enjoy all of our products and that they incite you to other adventures. 100% natural diet for body and soul!

Literally an all around good feeling you get with the MuleBar energy bar and the smaller, handy MegaBites: On the one hand you profit from the fast and the well compatible energy input that is warranted through the hundred-percent natural ingredients of all MuleBar products on sporting activities of any kind. On the other hand MuleBar takes social and ecological responsibility: Whenever it is possible – FAIRTRADE-handled ingredients are used, furthermore MuleBar takes part in the „1% for the planet“ programm.
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